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Part No: Eletrical: 
AC0001 Alternator 17.50 (Recon)
AC0002 Starter motor  1.0/1.1/1.3 litre 17.50 (Recon)
AC0003 Starter motor 1.5/1.7litre 17.50 (Recon)
AC0004 Wiper motor All models 12.00 (SH)
AC0005 Screen washer pump 8.00 (New)
AC0006 Screen washer pump 5.00 (SH)
AC0007 Heater blower motor (includes fan blade) 15.00 (New)
AC0008 Heater blower motor ( includes fan blade ) 9.00 (SH)
AC0009 Headlamps 7.00 (SH)
AC0010 Headlamps 12.00 (New)
AC0011 Sidelamp/indicator 6.00 (SH)
AC0012 Rear lamp assembly MK1/MK2/VDP (inclues bulb holders) 8.00 (SH)
AC0013 Rear lamp assembly MK3 8.00 (SH)
AC0014 Reversing lights MK1/MK2/VDP  4.00 (SH)
AC0015 Interior light MK1/MK2 4.00 (SH)
AC0016 Interior light VDP (front and rear) 4.00 (SH)
AC0017 Indicator/headlight stalks MK1/MK2/VDP 6.00 (SH)
AC0018 Indicator/headlight stalks MK3  6.00 (SH)
AC0019 Switches MK1/MK2 (headlamp and rear demist) 3.00 (SH)
AC0020 Heater fan switch MK1/MK2/VDP 2.00 (SH)
AC0021 Heater fan switch MK3 3.00 (SH)
AC0022 Headlight switch MK3 2.00 (SH)
AC0023 VDP switches  1.50 each (SH)
AC0024 Fuel tank sender unit  10.00 (SH)
AC0025 Flasher unit MK1/MK2/Mk3/VDP 2.00 (New)
AC0026 Front fog lamps -Optional MK1/MK2/MK3 Standard VDP Price on Application
 all types of instruments available please ask. 
 Body Panels: 
AC0027 Bonnet MK1/2/3 10.00 (SH)
AC0028 Doors MK1/2/3 12.00 (SH)
AC0029 Boot Lid MK1/2/3 10.00 (SH)
AC0030 Grille MK3 8.00 (SH)
AC0031 Grille MK3 12.00 (New)
AC0032 Battery Bracket,Top,Welded to inner wing 3.50 (New)
AC0033 Battery Support Tray,All Models,Welded to wing 7.00 (New)
AC0034 Bonnet,VDP1/2/3 12.00 (SH)
AC0035 Bonnet Buffer Rubber (Pair) 3.00 (New)
AC0036 Bonnet Release Cable clip,3 per car,R/H Wing 2.00 (New)
AC0037 Bonnet Release Cable Grommet,Passes Thru B/H 1.90 (New)
AC0038 Bonnet Safety Catch,Not VDP 5.00 (New)
AC0039 Bonnet Slam Panel 18.00 (New)
AC0040 Bonnet Stay Buffer Ring 1.60 (New)
AC0041 Boot Hinge,LH,Saloon 9.50 (New)
AC0042 Chassis Leg Reinforcing Panel,LH 12.90 (New)
AC0043 Chassis Leg Reinforcing Panel,RH 12.90 (New)
AC0044 Door Hinge,RH,Front Upper or RH Rear Lower 4.50 (New)
AC0045 Door Hinge,LH&RH Front Lower 4.50 (New)
AC0046 Door Hinge,LH rear upper 4.50 (New)
AC0047 Outer Sill LH 15.00 (New)
AC0048 Outer Sill RH 15.00 (New)
AC0049 Tail Gate (estate) 30.00 (SH)
 Exterior Trim & Bumpers: 
AC0050 Badge 1.3 1980 onwards 2.00 (New)
AC0051 Badge 1.5 1980 onwards 2.00 (New)
AC0052 Badge 1.7 1980 onwards 2.00 (New)
AC0053 Badge 1300 super MK2 MK3 2.00 (New)
AC0054 Badge 1500 super MK2 MK3 2.00 (New)
AC0055 Badge Allegro MK1 2.00 (New)
AC0056 Badge Allegro Boot MK2 2.00 (New)
AC0057 Badge Allego 3, 1.1  2.00 (New)
AC0058 Badge Allegro 3, 1.3L 2.00 (New)
AC0059 Badge Allegro 3, 1.3HL 2.00 (New)
AC0060 Badge Allegro 3, 1.5L 2.00 (New)
AC0061 Badge Allegro 3, 1.7HL 2.00 (New)
AC0061 Badge Austin MK2  2.00 (New)
AC0062 Badge Set VDP Bootlid 6.00 (New)
AC0063 Bumper Front Chrome 15.00 (SH)
AC0064 Bumper Rear Chrome  15.00 (SH)
AC0065 Bumper Front Black 15.00 (SH)
AC0066 Bumper Rear Black 15.00 (SH)
AC0067 Bumper VDP Front 15.00 (SH)
AC0068 Bumper VDP Rear 15.00 (SH)
AC0069 Front Air Dam MK3 10.00 (New)
AC0070 Front Lower Grille LH MK1/ MK2/ MK3 4.00 (New)
AC0071 Front Lower Grille RH MK1/2/3 4.00 (New)
AC0072 Grille VDP 15.00 (SH)
AC0073 Wing Mirror LH Chrome 8.00 (SH)
AC0074 Wing Mirror RH Chrome 8.00 (SH)
AC0075 Wing Mirror LH Black 8.00 (SH)
AC0076 Wing Mirror RH Black 8.00 (SH)
AC0077 Headlamp Bezel LH VDP 5.00 (SH)
AC0078 Headlamp Bezel RH VDP 5.00 (SH)
AC0079 Headlamp Bezel LH Twin Headlamp 5.00 (SH)
AC0080 Headlamp Bezel RH Twin Headlamp 5.00 (SH)

If the part that you need is not on this list.
Please telephone us,we will most certainly have it.

We have a wide range of British Leyland Car Spares so if you need any part what so ever just.
TELEPHONE: 01228 560847